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'Counties' Hampshire Training Opportunities

Area: South Hampshire

Counties Worker: Gordon Curley

Training Period: 6, 9, or 12 months

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You Will Be Involved In:

1. Youth and Children's Work:
Working alongside a 'Counties' worker to gain 'hands on' experience and training in:

  1. Local Church youth work & children's clubs
  2. Inter-Church youth projects
  3. School assemblies & C.U.s
  4. Holiday Clubs
  5. Support and advice for the 'trainee' to initiate and develop their own ideas

2. Wider Ministry:
'Shadowing' a 'Counties' worker in a variety of Church based meetings, to gain insight, understanding and know how.

3. Projects:
Houseparties, Camps, and a variety of evangelistic outreach ventures.
Gain knowledge in the practicalities from planning, recruiting, financing, and of course DOING!

How Much?

Counties will pay for your board, lodgings and any major travelling expenses while you are on the course.

Counties will also provide a small monthly allowance.

Applicants will be required to 'Trust the Lord' for other financial needs.

As an organisation Counties is a faith based mission and looks to God to supply all its needs.

God mainly does this through individuals and Churches who choose to support the work with 'one-off' or regular gifts.

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